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Are You Prepared for the Future?

By September 5, 2019 No Comments

According to, 58% of Americans have not executed a will or other estate planning documents.

Today I would like to go through what makes up a basic will in an estate plan.

What makes up a basic will?

First is the last will and testament.  The last will and testament is simply a detailed list of how you would like your property distributed after you are gone.

The second thing that makes up a basic will-based estate plan is an advanced medical directive, also known as a medical power of attorney.  This allows you to designate a healthcare agent to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourselves.

The third document is a living will.  A living will is written instruction on whether or not you want to receive life-sustaining procedures if you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal condition, and it gives guidelines to your family to follow if you become terminally ill.

Another useful tool

The last document is a financial power of attorney.  A financial power of attorney delegates someone to handle your financial affairs, and there’s really two types of financial power of attorney:  The first one is called a durable power of attorney, and the durable power of attorney goes into effect immediately once you’ve signed the agreement.  The second type is called a springing power of attorney, and this goes into effect if you become mentally incapacitated.  In other words, it springs into effect as soon as you become mentally incapacitated.

I encourage you to meet with an attorney, so you’re not part of the 58% of Americans who have not put together a will or estate plan, so that, ultimately, you can have your financial affairs handled the way you would like.

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