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Our comprehensive approach to wealth planning leverages our experience and cutting edge technology to design a plan tailored to pursuing your ideal lifestyle.

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At Fortress Financial our mission is to develop a long-lasting relationship where we understand what is truly important to you and your future. As a seasoned financial advisor, Dan will help you make well-informed financial decisions while educating you on how to work toward achieving your ideal lifestyle.

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Your Financial Matters: Fortress Financial Group’s comprehensive approach to wealth planning.

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We meet to identify priorities, values, challenges, and goals to help you gain a clear vision for your ideal lifestyle
We lay the groundwork for your plan and draw a path from where you are to your financial possibilities
We organize and centralize all your assets using our WealthMap technology, empowering you to feel confident and connected to developing your future
We create a customized strategy for your finances with realistic goals and options that coincide with your ideal lifestyle
We meet to present various strategies and create customized “what-if” scenarios that reflect your vision
We act immediately to execute your plan allowing the whole process to be as simple as possible
Through regular communication, we work to ensure the plan maintains structural integrity and stays relevant to your goals as your needs evolve

Our Comprehensive Process

Your Financial Matters

At Fortress Financial Group we understand that the best relationships are built on trust. In order to foster that trust and nurture relationships with clients, we have developed a comprehensive process called Your Financial Matters. By implementing our step-by-step process, clients can be assured that their needs and wants are heard and given the attention they deserve. With our wholistic approach to wealth management, our team focuses on exceeding expectations in every aspect of client interaction. When you experience Your Financial Matters, you will understand first-hand how much we value our clients.

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Every Friday, Fortress Financial Group releases a short video on a topic we feel you could benefit from knowing more about.

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Corporate Executives

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We focus on empowering public-company executives to maximize the value of their equity compensation awards with the objective to build and preserve wealth.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other wealth management firms, Fortress Financial combines a comprehensive capability of combining compensation award specialization with exclusive technology-based Equity Performance Formulas to provide custom, sound Equity Award Strategies for executives.

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Dan Langworthy, Founder, Financial Advisor

With over 25 years in the investment management field, Dan uses a wholistic approach to being a wealth advisor. He focuses on helping all clients manage wealth and freedom so that they can make informed choices for their own financial future.

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Daniel Langworthy

Founder, Financial Advisor

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Lisamarie Langworthy

Operations Manager


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